Are you looking for the broadest range of sports rubber flooring? Your search for indoor and outdoor sports rubber flooring ends with Rubber Flooring India. We offer an unbeatable range of sports rubber flooring ideal for gyms, fitness and sports center, hotels, leisure centers, schools, patios, and other ground surfaces. Since rubber is tough, durable, resilient, and waterproof, it is an excellent choice for commercial and high-traffic environments. You can avail of our rubber flooring solutions in various colors, textures, and patterns that perfectly suits your interior and exterior applications.

We customize and install our flooring systems depending on your budget, the sports played in the area, the size of the space, and the required performance level. Our indoor sports rubber flooring is easy to maintain and will last several years with proper maintenance and care. We also introduced outdoor rubber tiles for better exterior safety and ease of maintenance.

We carry out the production of rubber flooring in Mumbai using common, reused, and recovered elastic. Besides making them strong, they are ecologically benevolent. Our elastic decking and ground surface endures longer and more prominent issuance at affordable costs. The versatile nature of our outdoor rubber flooring solutions alleviates the weight.

Salient Features of Our Rubber Flooring Solutions

  • Our rubber floors are strong, resilient, tough, and highly durable.
  • They are easy to maintain and resistant to damage and discoloration.
  • The flooring systems are non-porous and water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for wet environments.
  • They are non-toxic and never release toxic fumes in case of a fire.
  • Since the rubber tiles are thick, they act as a powerful sound barrier between floors in a building.

Why Choose Rubber Flooring India?

Rubber Flooring India emerged as the leading rubber flooring suppliers in India, the Middle East, and European countries. We have been operating in the sector for over a decade and have built a strong base of satisfied customers. We strive to offer the best service at affordable pricing.