Playground Rubber India: Opt for Resilient Playground Flooring System

When children play in a playground, safety comes first, followed by fun. At Rubber Flooring India, we ensure the utmost safety for your children and always strive to offer the best quality playground rubber flooring. You can choose the most suitable ones from our wide selection of turf, tiles, and mulch that match your budget.

At Rubber Flooring India, we understand that durability is second to safety. Therefore, we made our floorings the most durable, permanent, safe, and maintenance-free. Our flooring system is perfect for quick-serve restaurants, play areas, children’s museums, childcare centers, schools, therapy rooms, hospitals, and multipurpose rooms. Our playground rubber flooring in Mumbai has unique sound-absorbing properties and anti-slip resistance. These properties made Rubber Flooring India an excellent solution for reducing fall-related injuries in businesses with high foot traffic.

Our Various Flooring Solutions

Playground Tiles

These are our most popular rubber flooring solutions. You can choose the tiles in various colors and thicknesses, ensuring that your play area will be a beautiful addition to your yard. The porous surface of the tiles allows water to pass through them, keeping them dry and anti-slippery even after heavy rain.

Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulches are an affordable playground flooring solution. We make rubber mulch in several attractive colors that enable you to customize the space.

Playground Turf

Nowadays, artificial grass has become a popular option for playground flooring. We design particular ground turf that withstands harsh weather conditions and high traffic. Moreover, our turfs are UV stable and durable.

Why Choose Us?

We at Rubber Flooring India emerged as one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of playground rubber flooring system. We ensure that all our customers receive the best quality products. Our in-house team of experts is proficient enough with installation and maintenance services for your floor. We are one of the most reputed names in the industry, offering an extensive collection of premium quality and customized flooring solutions.