Choose the Best Playground Rubber flooring in Bangalore.

Rubber flooring is an essential safety requirement in India for playgrounds, pitches, and public areas. Today, Rubber Flooring India emerged as one of the top-notch and experienced manufacturers of cast in-situ rubber flooring, rubber tiles, and customized playground rubber flooring.

Our rubber floorings offer a soft, safe, and non-slippery surface. You can avail of our rubber flooring in various colors and designs per your project requirements. Our relentless focus lies on production processes and innovations in a challenging business environment and changing market conditions.

We follow a customer-centric quality policy statement, conforming to every undertaken project. Rubber Flooring India possesses state-of-the-art equipment. Our in-house trained professionals ensure to deliver the best quality rubber flooring in Bangalore and across the nation.

Our playground rubber flooring in Bangalore comes with the following salient features:

  • They are carbon neutral across their entire life cycle.
  • They are economical, as they have better longevity even when installed in busy footfall areas.
  • They come in simple installations with an integrated and unbroken appearance.
  • They are hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Better durability, as we manufacture it for carrying heavy loads.
  • The elasticity and dimensional stability allow our floorings to withstand the impact.
  • The dense, non-porous rubber surface of our rubber floorings repel germs. You can disinfect them quickly, and they are best for high-risk areas.

Why Choose Us?

With experience and operations in the field for over a decade and has earned a reputation in the Middle East, Europe, and affiliations in several parts of the world, Rubber Flooring India emerged as a leading supplier and installer of rubber flooring in Mumbai.

We are the region’s first choice for rubber flooring for several industries, including municipal projects, parks, schools, corporate sectors, and private enterprises. We collaborated with the finest western suppliers to provide you with the latest rubber flooring technology. We are always ready and happy to discuss your bespoke requirements.